High Tech Home Automation Upgrades

//High Tech Home Automation Upgrades

Technology has evolved in a pace that’s beyond our imagination. No wonder, we’ve also seen our way of living quickly change so as to adapt to what’s capable of making ourselves easy and comfortable.

More than 70% of the time, we spend our lives in the house. It just makes sense to make it as convenient and cozy as possible. ‘

What are the possible ways to make your life more pleasant and relaxed at home? Add some automation to it.

You’ll find out that it’s not as technical as you might think. Here are some tips on how you can possibly do it:

In the living room or other parts of the house, you can use smart plugs and a humidity detector. You can also install wireless speakers.

Smart plugs may be plugged into your current power outlet so that you can remotely control your power and manage energy usage. They’re not very hard to install, yet they’re very helpful and cost-efficient.

The humidity detector can also identify humidity levels in the house. Depending on what it has detected, it can turn on your ventilation fan automatically. The humidity detector may also be installed in the bathroom or kitchen to reduce air moisture.

Stream music on your smartphone and listen to them using some wireless speakers put on the corners of your living room.


In the Kitchen, you can use a Bluetooth thermometer and a Wi-Fi enabled cooker.

A Bluetooth thermometer can send you information about when your pork, chicken, or fish has reached their desired temperature. Information is sent from the thermometer to your phone via Bluetooth.

A slow cooker can be turned on or off using your smartphone. If you’re on your way home, you may set the temperature so your food for dinner doesn’t get burnt by the time you arrive.


In the bedroom, you can install a smart lighting system and some smart windows.

Smart bedroom lighting can help you personalize lighting by choosing from a range of dimming and color temperatures. They may be set through a smartphone or they may automatically change with the help of some built-in sensors. That way, you’ll easily fall asleep regardless of the time.

Smart windows can easily adapt depending on the lighting level outside your house. Their smart window film may also change from opaque to clear with just a tap of a button on your phone.


In the bathroom, you may put on some Bluetooth speakers or a heated toilet seat.

With a waterproof speaker installed, you can sing along to your favorite song while taking a shower. You can have your speaker connected to your tablet or phone via Bluetooth.

Never again get yourself uncomfortably cold when using the toilet during the wee hours of the night. With a couple of temperature settings to choose from, the nightlight toilet seat may warm in just a few minutes.