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enlarge a small space in your house

Ideas to enlarge a small space

Creating space and a sense of grandeur in a small space is not an utopia! To achieve this illusion, there is no shortage of ideas. For example, this realization of the agency Transition Interior Design. The project’s pro in charge did not skimp on the means to transform these 19 m2 suffocating 19 m2 into a ventilated and functional studio. Thus arranged, the small apartment seems to have doubled in size.   Stretched and partitioned, this 19 m2 space needed a little air

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Start your Home Decor Project the Right Way !

If you want to know how to renovate your home so that it is beautiful, keep reading. In this article explained to you where you can start with the decor of your home, what are the essential steps that you must take and how to put the creativity on your part. To have a beautiful and personalized place to live is well worth it. After all great designs are very useful, because they generate well-being. When facing your home decor, you could start

redecorate your lovely home

Declutter for Peace and Enjoyment

Nothing gets people more frustrated than when their otherwise clean and presentable house is swamped with waves of clutter. Every surface is covered with…stuff. No one can find anything when they need it. When a guest comes over you, feel like you have to spend all your energy tidying up rather than being in the mood to enjoy their company. All of these things decrease the enjoyment you get from your home but only need a few simple steps to remedy. Regular

Tips for Buying Your First Home

Buying your very first home is a very exciting, yet overwhelming process. This is especially true if you’re thinking about borrowing money to finance the house you’ve chosen. First, you’ll need to know how you can apply for a home loan and how you can get it approved. You may also need to consider the grants you may be eligible for and the best places where you can buy an affordable house. Bottom line, the home-buying process involves several steps you’re