Declutter for Peace and Enjoyment

//Declutter for Peace and Enjoyment
redecorate your lovely home

Nothing gets people more frustrated than when their otherwise clean and presentable house is swamped with waves of clutter. Every surface is covered with…stuff. No one can find anything when they need it.

When a guest comes over you, feel like you have to spend all your energy tidying up rather than being in the mood to enjoy their company. All of these things decrease the enjoyment you get from your home but only need a few simple steps to remedy.

Regular clear outs.

changing the design can helpEvery person in the house should take some responsibility for they have brought into it. It is true if you live alone or with your partner, children or other family members. Once a year or once every few months get everyone to go through all their things and get rid of what is no longer needed.

It doesn’t need to be thrown away and wasted; it could be gifted to a friend, donated to a charity shop or sold on an online auction site such as e-Bay. Make this a regular part of your life and it won’t get to the stage where it’s overwhelming.

An additional benefit of regular clear outs is that you will be put off accumulating things you don’t need because you’ll feel bad when it ends up in the clearance box. Tidy up and save money at the same time.

Give your home a new look.

A bit of a redecorating provides motivation to declutter and a reward for it at the end. A nice decluttered home is a good feeling that lasts for a week. If you add in a new theme or decoration and rearrange furniture this feeling will last longer, and you are less likely to let the problem build up again as quickly.

Set your stall out.

Always have bags and boxes at the ready in case you feel like doing some clearing up. Sometimes when you get a burst of enthusiasm for clearing out, and there’s nowhere for it to go there’s only one answer immediately; put it back!
Make sure every room has bins and options for getting rid of things so you and others in your household can push clutter out as much as in inevitably creeps in.

Follow these tips and enjoy a more relaxing home life without clutter crushing you from all sides.