Ideas to enlarge a small space

//Ideas to enlarge a small space
enlarge a small space in your house

Creating space and a sense of grandeur in a small space is not an utopia!

To achieve this illusion, there is no shortage of ideas. For example, this realization of the agency Transition Interior Design. The project’s pro in charge did not skimp on the means to transform these 19 m2 suffocating 19 m2 into a ventilated and functional studio. Thus arranged, the small apartment seems to have doubled in size.


Stretched and partitioned, this 19 m2 space needed a little air to breathe. Margaux Meza and Carla Lopez, interior designers, by breaking down a few walls and multiplying decorative tricks, create a sense of fluidity and create a feeling of space in this new studio. Here are 5 design and decoration ideas to remember and use to give the illusion of a beautiful surface to a small space.

1) Working the space in length

To enhance the volume of a coin, in general, it is purified to facilitate circulation! And in this studio, there’s only one option: to knock down the partitions. This operation allowed interior designers to work in a different way, offering the kitchen and dining area an eternal face-to-face experience. As a bonus, the lines drawn by this development enhance the prospects.

2) Hide storage compartments

living roomIt is impossible to design a “ventilated” space without suitable storage spaces that optimize space. The beautiful Scandinavian lines can have the side, in spite of everything, to purify the space, the must remains the custom made storage, ultra discreet.

Here, in the kitchen as well as in the entrance hall, the furniture remained white to blend in with the walls. And if the shelves are detached on the blue wall of the living room, the boxes without handles (below) become almost invisible.

3) Prefer light furniture

Forget oversized furniture! They probably won’t even get through your studio door. Choose two small nesting coffee tables instead of a large one. Choose furniture with a light base, or even a wired base. In this arrangement, the white and wood coffee tables disappear. The structure of the chairs and armchairs, although soft and generous, remains delicate.

4) Use colour and prints

Don’t be reluctant to use colour or prints in a studio or even a mini-space. Look at it this way: if experts have often given preference to white, they have put the package on some strategic points. In credence the very graphic motifs underline the layout of the kitchen and seem to stretch it a little more.