Tips every home owner should know

//Tips every home owner should know
keep track of all your belongings

If you are one of those interstate movers who is going to go to a new community or a new home, below are some of the helpful tips that you need to do to have a peaceful and organised moving house experience:

Prepare for your furniture removal

furnitures stacked and packedWrite all the things down. Before you put your furniture, appliances and clothes in a box, you need to do a simple system of record keeping.

You can create a list that is computer-printed that have a list of numbers with similar space provided to write the content. You can also put it on a spiral bound kind of notebook. You need to place a number on each box and list and list down each item. When putting a label on the content of the box, you need to be specific.

Have a Lot of Supplies

In packing your stuff, you will need to have of supply of boxes. Probably, a lot more boxes rather than the usual number of the box that you think. By having the right amount of boxes, it will be able to make your life in packing things as well as in moving to another home easier. You will also need to have strong packing tapes to close the boxes and to keep it secured.

Have Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are those tall boxes that are perfect for those lightweight and bulky items such as pillows, comforters, blankets as well as to those clothes that need to remain hanging. You can also make use of wardrobe boxes as storage for your shoe boxes, storage boxes and other bulky items like large baskets, fabric bolts as well as tubes from gift wrap. Just make sure not to make the boxes hefty.

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Strategize the Usage of Your Wardrobe Box

If you are the one that will be doing the move all by yourself, you need to get your things organised as early. Spend the few days before you move by filling some of your shopping bags with sturdy handle with the bulk of your closet items like sweaters, shoes, jeans and belts. On the next day, fill them up with some of your clothes that don’t require to stay hanging.

Clean everything before leaving

Steam cleaner makes your life easier. Sanitize, clean, and get rid of dirt: these are the 3 main actions of steam cleaners.

With the use of these modern cleaning devices, home movers can ensure that proper cleaning and sanitizing of the home is completed before handing the keys over to the next owner. From ceilings to counters and bench-tops, sofas and bathroom equipment, everything can be easily cleaned with little to no effort on your end! More on this topic here.

Make a Coordination Using Colours

You need to designate a particular colour for the rooms in your new home. For example, red for the kitchen, white for the bathroom, green for the kitchen, pink for the girl bedrooms, blue for the boy bedrooms, orange for the dining room, etc. depending on your desire room colour. This strategy will allow you to know where you are going to out everything when all your stuff arrives in your new home.

These are just some of the natural but helpful tips that you can do when you are going to move to a new home. Try this to make your moving experience easy and in a hassle-free way.